Driving experience as a named driver but zero no claims bonus

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Caz 01 Dec 2009

I've been driving for 16 years but never had own insurance. I've always been a named driver on my mum's and brother's insurance and drive my brother's car as he has a company one. He is selling his car to me and I need to get my own insurance. Who's the best as I have no claims?


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Mike_7 02 Feb 2010

I have the same problem. Have always been insured on company car or mum and dads but have been driving for 15 years. Have got new car now. All quotes have been well above £1000 and anywhere upto £6000. Cheapest one I found was Admiral at £1366!

gices 23 Dec 2009

This is the problem for driving as a named driver - you don't get any no claims bonus (NCB) when you set out to get your own insurance policy although you've never made a claim. However a few insurance companies have started named driver insurance which entitles the named driver to get a discount similar to no claims discount (NCD) earned by policyholders when they decide to take car insurance in their own name.

You should contact your current insurer and see if you're entitled to any discounts. Mind you that the discount is applicable only if you stay with the same company so if you move to another insurance company, then the named driver discount will not be transferable.

Unfortunately, I cannot say which insurance company can give you cheaper quotes because car insurance depends on a lot of factors like which car you're driving, where you keep the car etc and it's best if you use a car insurance comparison site to see where you can get the cheapest quote.