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As a newly qualified instructor, the prospect of setting up your own independent driving school may seem like a far-fetched idea without any proper guidance and information. This is why many new driving instructors work for well established driving schools before gaining the experience and knowledge to venture out on their own. Many new instructors find that once they have qualified and are legally allowed to teach and charge learner drivers for lessons they are left on their own to find their way. As a result of this, the DSA introduced an info pack for new driving instructors to help them get started and make the most out of their career as a driving instructor.

The DSA info pack was only introduced in August 2009 and when an instructor qualifies,e, they are automatically sent an info pack. The info pack contains useful information and is small enough to fit inside the glove box of any car so it can be stored and referred to easily. Here is a summary of what you can expect to find in your info pack when it arrives:

  • Cards
  • Leaflets
  • Booklets

The information found in the DSA info packs are a result of ADI’s (Approved Driving Instructor) complaining of the lack of support and guidance after qualifying. Many ADI’s did not get any guidance after finishing their course and were forced to find out any relevant information themselves. Advice such as ‘how to find students for driving lessons’ and ‘how to continue personal and professional development’ were not easily available. Driving instructors that qualified a few years ago were unfortunate and did not receive all the valuable information that is now available for free, so setting up a driving school years ago would have been more difficult.

Nowadays there is an abundance of free information on the internet, at the library and through government websites. There are even companies that specialise in advertising and helping new instructors set up and manage their own independent driving school. So take advantage of this free information pack and carve your way to a successful career in driving lessons.

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