How many driving lessons to pass test?

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How many lessons or how many years does it take to learn to drive. For me it's been one and a half years. I booked my test 3 times but had to cancel them because my instructor says I'm not ready.

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Some people say that you need at least 50 hours of driving lessons to pass the test. However this really depends on the person in question and their age. It is good to practice driving privately as well to increase your confidence on the roads.

If you feel your instructor is not doing a good job at teaching you, then maybe you should consider looking for another one.

You should aim at having a 2 hour lesson in one go rather than 1 hour session. If you tend to have driving lessons at long intervals (like once every 2 weeks) then you will find it more difficult to learn as well. So best thing to do is to concentrate on your lessons and put all your efforts in passing your test.

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