Can I repair a Cat B bike and get it back on the road?

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I have a o7 wu yang bike. If I put the right damage that was caused to the bike and repair it, can I put it back on road?

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gices Level 6

With Category B insurance write off, it is stated that the vehicle must not be used again because it has been severely damaged. However if the vehicle is fully repaired, it can be brought back onto the roads.

DVLA will have to inspect your bike first to see if it's fit for riding. If everything goes well, you will be given a new registration certificate which will have the date when it was declared as a Cat B write off and well as when the new V5 was re-issued.

Once you get the registration document, you will have no problems for MOT but getting the bike insured can be a challenge. So think well before you start with the repairs to make sure that's it's all worthwhile the trouble.

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