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How long do I need my car insurance to tax my car?

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anonymous_2 gices
speed-way 15 Apr 2010

Need to tax my car, how long do I need to get the car insurance for so can tax it.


gices 18 May 2010

For the purpose of taxing your car, you need to have valid insurance on the vehicle when the road tax starts. This means that if you are buying road tax for your car today and the road tax will start as from today, then you will need an insurance policy which shows that the vehicle is adequately insured. However if your car insurance is likely to expire soon, chances are that you will not be able to renew your car tax unless you can show proof that you'll be renewing your car insurance (this especially happens when you go to the post office, they will not allow you to renew the tax disc unless you show you have renewed your car insurance).

Remember you need to have a valid MOT certificate as well to renew the car tax.

anonymous_2 21 Aug 2013

Got to tax my car how much insurance do I need left on policy to be able to tax it?

gices 21 Aug 2013

If you're getting 3 months road tax, then you'll need to be insured for that period. If you only have 1 month insurance left, you will not be able to get the 3 months tax disc.