Can I drive an uninsured car with my fully comprehensive insurance?

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I own 2 cars both in my name, CAR A fully comp insured, CAR B not insured. Can I drive CAR B on my fully comp insurance from CAR A, all be it third party fire and theft?

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gices Level 6

The car needs to be insured by yourself or somebody else before you can take advantage of your fully comprehensive cover (ability to drive another car with third party, fire and theft cover provided you have owner's permission) to drive that vehicle. The problem you will be facing is that you cannot tax a car if it doesn't have insurance for the duration of the tax period you are seeking to get, therefore you will be driving a car which does not have any road tax. You will also find that insurance companies may invalidate your claim if you happen to have an accident with the second car which is uninsured.

You should consider getting temporary car insurance when you decide to drive the second car or get multi-car discount with your current insurer if you will be using it more often.

anonymous_2 Level 1

My car insurance policy permits me to drive other vehicles on a 3rd party only cover basis. However, the other car, not owned by me, is not currently insured by the owner herself. I wish to take the vehicle to be tested. Am I insured to do so?

MrDass Level 1

Is main driver of car insurance policy legally allowed to driver any other car?

I have been told that a main driver on a car insurance policy is legally allowed to drive any other car. Is this true?

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gices Level 6


That's not necessarily true. For third party only and third party, fire and theft policies, you are not insured to drive another car except the one on which cover is provided. Most comprehensive policies however, allow you to drive any other car on third party coverage only. Note that I said most comprehensive policies and not ALL. You will have to check your policy documents to be sure whether you are allowed to drive another car or not. If that's included in your policy, then you have to understand that in the event of an accident, only the third party will be covered under the policy. Any damage to the other car (the one you borrowed) which you have been driving will be at your own expense.

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beamerman56 Level 1

Can my son drive my car, he has fully comprehensive cover to drive any other car?

My car has no insurance, can my son drive it on his insurance; he is fully comprehensive and his policy says he can drive any car as long as he doesn't own it.

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gices Level 6

Your car needs to be insured as well, otherwise he can't drive it.

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waterson11991 Level 1

Which insurance company is this with? I am trying to do this, cheers.

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