If I have third party insurance on my car, can I drive any other vehicle with the owner's permission?

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blakenberry 10 Oct 2010

I hold third party fire and theft as a main driver on a car I own. Can I drive my second car that is insured but not with me?


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square4 02 Nov 2019

Can you get car insurance cover for theft only?

Car is regularly off the road for long periods.

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Tracey 01 Nov 2019

Cheapest car insurance for third party, fire and theft

Hi there, just a quick question really. I have had previous 11 months no claims. I had to cancel my car insurance as my car broke down and I had to scrap it . I have seen another car I am interested in. I have booked in for my driving test. Where can I find a cheapish car insurance company that will deal with third party fire and theft. I have been searching for days now and the cheapest quote for this car is 610.40. Can you telll me where I can get this cheaper please? Much apprieciated thanks.

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gices 01 Nov 2019

Which car insurance comparison site have you used? The reason I'm asking is because different sites will check different insurers and there are some insurers which you will have to contact directly.

You said you have 11 months no claims and you've got a provisional licence, right? As far as I know, no claims is counted in full years and not months although some companies will give you a year's worth of no claims in 10 months (or 8 months).

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gices 11 Oct 2010

Normally most comprehensive insurance policies allow the "drive other car with owner's permission" clause because of the higher premiums that you pay for these type of cover. However not all comprehensive car insurance will give you this added benefit. For 3rd party, fire and theft, I doubt they will allow you to drive another car because you pay substantially less and the insurer will not want to extend the cover to some other car and risk making a loss. Nevertheless, you can always check your current insurance policy to see if it allows you to drive another car or you can just call your insurance company and ask them about it.