I am 23 with a conviction and need temporary car insurance!!!!

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Hi, I'm 23 years old and have a DR10 conviction. My driving ban finished on christmas day 2008 and I have NO penalty points.

I am going on holiday (in england) with my children and partner and need temporary car insurance for 10 days on my father's car (he is insured on it too so I can't take a 12 month contract out and I cannot become a secondary driver on his insurance as they will not accept me because of my DR10) I can't find a company who will insure me! Can you help? Is there anybody out there who will insure me?

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Underwriting for temporary insurance is quite strict as companies do not want to insure people who are likely to make a claim for a short period insurance they've been given. There are only a few companies which provide temp cover, so if you tell me which ones you've tried so far, I'll then be able to tell you which other ones you can obtain a quote from.

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