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Insurance to collect a vehicle from a police car pound

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duglass 18 Jun 2010

A friend wants me to collect his car that has been seized by the police, and is in a police car pound. The question is I asked my insurance to cover me but to my disappointment was refused hence, I need to know where to get an insurance to cover me to collect the vehicle from the police car pound. Thanks for your help.


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lenihan14 04 Oct 2019

I'm disqualified & my vehicle has been seized, can I get insurance?

I am currently disqualified for speeding and have had my vehicle seized due to driving whilst disqualified.

The police will not allow me to release the vehicle unless I have insurance in my name? With a named driver who is legally allowed to drive. They state that I am unable take insurance out separately for another driver against my vehicle as I must be on the policy.

They also state that I cannot sign the vehicle over (V5) and then have the new keeper recover the vehicle as it cannot be signed over whilst impounded in a government compound?

I do not want my vehicle sold / crushed and have not found any brokers who allow me to insure in my name as I do not hold a license.

Help is much appreciated!


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anonymous_2 04 Oct 2019

Easy fix! Get provisional insurance with collingwood because you don't officially own a licence and they allow 1 free named driver, really cheap try it.

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angelina2 04 Oct 2019

Seized car insurance, is that even a thing?

My car has fully comp, mot and tax.police seized car as my last plates blew off. I had a full comp driver with me at the time. Now they won't give me car because I don't have seized car insurance. Why do i need this when I have insurance

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AggieBoat 04 Oct 2019

Didn't have insurance and car got impounded by police

My car has been impounded by the Police. My husband who normally drives the car didn't have insurance at the time. I want to collect the car, but I understand not all insurance companies will provide me with the insurance. Can you please provide me insurance that will help me? Thanks

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gices 04 Oct 2019

If the car that was impounded was not insured, then you will need to get it transported to your place. You will need to contact one of those companies which have this special type of insurance on their trucks allowing them to transport vehicles (you can contact a local garage for that). 1 day car insurance is not an option as the police will refuse to release your car under these circumstances.

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fickle 04 Oct 2019

AggieBoat: Did you manage to get insurance to release your car from the police pound? If yes, which company did you use?

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anonymous_2 04 Oct 2019

I have had a car seized for driving with no insurance. I have insurance on my car but had only just bought this and thought I was covered. How can I get insurance for the seized vehicle to get it out the impound?

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anonymous_2 04 Oct 2019

My friend is in prison, he left me to look after his car the insurance run out. Withought knowing I drove it and police impounded it. I need to insure it to recover it.

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Harley 04 Oct 2019

Cannot collect car from police car pound unless it has insurance and mot on it

My son's car is in a police car pound, They have said he cannot pick it up or his dad unless my son has insurance tax and mot. The car does have mot, his insurance was cancelled due to his conviction, the car is taxed. Can they refuse to let his dad collect the car if his dad gets insurance. Also they will not allow him to get his belongings out of the car. Can you help thanks

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Jay_5 04 Oct 2019

Yes you can have insurance pay for the fees. Your car was in a accident and your insurance covers you for all this.

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anonymous_2 04 Oct 2019

How much will cost me if I don't claim my car from police pound?

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motheranne 04 Oct 2019

If my car has tax and mot but no insurance, can someone else take it out for me?

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VictorRowland 04 Oct 2019

Can you advise me please about any insurance company that allows their police to release car from police car pound?

Suggest some company names...

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anonymous_2 04 Oct 2019

Can a third party, fire and theft insurance collect a car which has been seized by the police from the car pound? Please help.

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anonymous_2 04 Oct 2019

can u change ownership of an inpounded car

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england 04 Oct 2019

mobility car has been seized by police and is in a police car pound why won't they give it back to me

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kos 05 Nov 2010

car insurance to release seized cars

gices 23 Jun 2010

You may be able to get insurance coverage but it might be expensive. Try the following companies which specialise in impounded car insurance:

You will not be able to get your car released with just 1 day insurance, the policy will have to be at least 30 days long.

Let me know if you have any luck with the companies above and what your cheapest quote was.