16 year old son got 9 points on his provisional licence

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crissycon 01 Jul 2010

9 points in 1 week! My 16 year old son has managed  to do this. He only has a provisional licence, what will happen? Please help me. Insurance, how much will this affect him?

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gices 04 Jul 2010

Since he hasn't passed his driving test yet, he is not subject to the New Drivers Act (where your licence is revoked if you accumulate more than 6 penalty points). If he passes the driving test, he will certainly pay a higher premium because of the points he's got. By how much the insurance quotes will increase will depend what the points on his licence are for (eg for drink driving, insurance will be very very high as you can expect but for jumping traffic lights, it will be less). Mind you that insurance for young drivers is expensive as it is and having convictions on your licence when you pass your test is going to make it really difficult to get a decent insurance quote.

Just so you know young drivers pay £2500 on average for car insurance with a clean licence. With convictions, I'll not be surprised if you get quoted £4000.