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Jumping Traffic Lights

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As everyday users of the road, we drivers sometimes forget that the Highway Code is there for a reason and the most important reason of all is security. Newly passed drivers tend to obey the Highway Code more than experienced drivers because everything they learnt is still fresh in their minds and they are more afraid of going against the law now that they've just got their full licence.

However experienced drivers are more comfortable on the roads and sometimes in a state of hurry to get somewhere, they find themselves jumping traffic lights because they know that waiting for the green lights will slow them down. The time for the green light to appear depend on the number of traffic lights at the crossroad or junction in question and it could vary from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes and this impacts the waiting times at traffic signals.
Drivers should start slowing down when seeing amber lights and should only proceed if the speed at which they are driving is too fast for them to make a safe stop when they notice the amber lights. Going through a red light at a traffic signal point can be fatal - other drivers may have already been given the go ahead at another point of the junction and going through the red light is dangerous as it can result in a very horrible accident.

Penalty for driving through red traffic lights

To enforce the law and increase security on the roads, there are cameras fitted to some traffic lights which take photos of drivers not stopping at a red light signal. The pictures are then sent to the careless drivers through the post with a message telling them that they are going to be prosecuted. This is a TS10 offence - 'Failing to comply with traffic light signals' and they will then face a £60 fine and 3 points on their licence and sometimes discretionary disqualification from driving. This also means that a higher premium will be quoted for car insurance when it is time to renew because of this conviction.

Traffic Light Awareness Course

The red light offenders may be referred to a traffic light awareness course if they have not been referred to a course within 3 years. If they decide to take up the course, they will not incur any fines or penalty points on their licence but there's a fee to attend the course which stands at £60 at a minimum. This is a better alternative to the Fixed Penalty System and many drivers will be happy to get enrolled on the course.

However you need to be punctual for the red light course and complete all aspects of the workshop if you want to escape the NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution) as unsuccessful candidates will have their details referred back to the police. There's no test as such for the course and the workshop is around 3 and half hours. It is important that you work with the course provider to find a suitable time for you to attend the course and not be late for it as well.

gices Published 05 Mar 2009

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anonymous_2 23 Sep 2013

How do I apply for the Traffic Lights Awareness course? I want to avoid the 3 penalty points on my licence and I live in Suffolk.