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Undercover traffic wardens

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One of the most hated people in Britain has to be the traffic wardens; not only have they built up a bad reputation of fining innocent motorists unnecessarily but they also have sneaky tactics under their sleeves to make some commission on each parking fine they issue. Being a traffic warden has to be one of the worst jobs in the world and also a very dangerous one as you get verbally and physically abused daily and in some cases resulting in a trip to accident and emergency.

Traffic wardens who hide and then issue tickets
In the past few months alone, there have been many people coming forward who claim that they have been targeted by un-uniformed officers and unmarked traffic warden patrol cars. They lie in wait, then issue motorists with a ticket unlawfully; some people have been issued a parking ticket as they have been getting out their car to purchase one. Some parking attendants have gone to extreme lengths to do this and by law they are not allowed to issue a parking ticket in their plain clothes - they must be uniformed and also in an official car. Fortunately for most of the motorists who have been targeted slyly, the Parking and Traffic Appeals service have ruled in the motorists favour and said that the wardens were in the wrong.

If this was to happen to you and you think that you have been treated unfairly, then you should seek advice as soon as possible. If there are witnesses, then you should take down their details so you have some evidence to back up your claim. All traffic wardens should be easy to identify and in uniform, wardens that lie in wait or write out tickets while blocking you in or hopping in and out of a car is unacceptable.

Over the past year, assaults on traffic wardens have increased two fold. There are some parts of the UK that are so dangerous that police escorts are required for them to carry out their job safely. West London in particular has a bad reputation on a Friday night as parking is often a problem there all round the clock. Over the weekend there are drunk and disorderly people who flout the law and cause problems for businesses and passing traffic and bikers are the main threat as they are often in groups. Traffic wardens now need a police escort otherwise they receive death threats but at the end of the day parking restrictions are in place for a reason. Those who think they are above the law should be penalised, there are good traffic wardens out there who are just doing their job to make a living, no-one deserves abuse on a daily basis.

gices Published 27 Nov 2010