Failed driving test on green light?

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I was instructed to take the road ahead, I took the right hand lane which was indicating ahead traffic which ended up being right traffic only, I had to stop at the white line where there was a green light showing for right traffic. I explained to the driving examiner that I was in the wrong lane and told him what I was going to do to correct myself, he said that was fine and told me to carry on. I waited at the green light for about 6 seconds as I was panicky and was wondering what to do. The lights changed to red so I waited till the green light showed before I continued.

Everything else on my driving test was perfect. I failed my test because I hesitated at a green light and had a queue of 4 cars behind me. Should I have failed or should this have been treated as a minor fault as I did not cause any major hassle to other road users? My instructor thinks I should have passed and thought it was harsh of the examiner to fail me, my examiner was also in a bad mood that morning - I had a feeling that it was because of that as well?

Can someone let me know what they think?

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janicenacer Level 1

I failed my otherwise perfect test no minor faults ,what I did wrong on roundabout not in right lane for exit did not cause any problem to any other road user ,fail Test before that clear run no minor faults went forward at wrong green light not given chance to do it again fail

Mark_2 Level 1
Driving examiners have too much power, the decisions they make can’t be argued against and there are no witnesses to back up anything you may want to say against them. Also they tell you that you’ve failed at the end of the test and mention the things you’ve done wrong which you may not be able to remember or relate to due to the intense stress of the test itself. There should be an independent body of driving invigilators who monitor progress of the test and make sure it is done fairly, they should not be in any way part of the DSA.

People who have been banned from driving and have to retake their test appear to be the victims of discrimination because they are already at a disadvantage the moment the examiner sees any endorsements on their licence.

The undue hesitiation that they mark drivers down for is aload of nonsense, it's not hesitation in most cases, it's a personal judgement call based on exercising life-saving caution!

I am totally against the idea of having one final test, some people are unable to perform under pressure and hence overall performance during the learning period should be used as a deciding factor for the issue of a licence rather that just one single test. Let’s all start a petiton and take action against these people who have been the subject of much complaint and who in many ways influence our lives and ability to be mobile, so instead of just having a whinge on here, let’s get together and take action to make things fairer for ourselves and those that will follow. Let's fight for fairness and to reduce the power of the all-powerful driving examiner!
gices Level 6


It is really strange to fail your driving test for a slight hesitation when the traffic lights went green. But I suppose your driving examiner was in a bad mood, so it would kind of explain why he would have failed you because of this. As far as I know, you will only fail your test if you have a serious or dangerous fault or more than 15 minors.

Have you had a chance to look at the report of your driving test? What was written on it and where have you been marked down?

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