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Failed driving test because of serious fault

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gices anonymous_2
Vijay_1 11 May 2008


I just gave my practical driving test and I got failed for 2 minor and 2 serious faults. I am not convinced for the 2 serious faults; one is being undue hesitation and the other is safety. At the most as per my knowledge it should have been marked as minor mistake.

Please suggest what needs to be done in this case.


anonymous_2 09 Jul 2012

Hi, I have just failed my test with 7 minor faults and a serious because I shunted backwards and forwards 3 times, is this right??? Thank you

anonymous_2 09 Jul 2012

Only one serious fault is enough to make you fail your test. You can also fail the driving test if you have 3 or more minors within the same category of testing, so if you get a lot of minors for inadequate observation for example, you will not pass. The driving examiner must have good reasons for failing you, however if you think it was unfair, you can always take the matter to the DSA for an appeal.

gices 30 Aug 2009


This is somehow difficult to say. Driving examiners are trained to deliver the highest quality of service to new drivers going for their actual driving test. The majority of the them would pass you if they believe you'll be a good driver and not cause any havoc on the roads. However there may be a small minority who could fail you for any reason (they don't like you, they're having a bad day etc). Although a professional attitude should always be adopted, in reality this does not really happen all the time.

It is difficult to say whether you are right or wrong as no one has witnessed your driving test besides you and the driving examiner. If you feel that you have been wrongly marked down which resulted in you failing your practical driving test, then you can always file a complaint and the DSA will have to investigate what really happened.

anonymous_2 24 Sep 2013

I just failed my driving test; he said when I was reverse parking, I was close to parked car at the begining of my reverse parallel parking but I completeded parking perfectly. How can it be serious fault?