Failed driving test because of parallel park in front of open driveway

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My son failed his driver's test because he was told to parallel park in front of an open driveway. He said this was not legal and then she said to pretend there is a curb! He had to park between a car and a low trailer. Also she remarked that the driver's window wouldn't go down although air conditioning worked perfectly. This woman is known to be a terrible power hungry woman. She should be reprimanded for doing this as my son knows the book inside out and also passed Driver's Ed. What Gives?

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Without taking anybody's side, it is difficult to say who is to blame although it seems the examiner was in the wrong according to what you said. You can however file a complaint to the DSA and they will have to investigate. Maybe people have done it in the past as well and the more complaints against an examiner, the better as this will push the authorities at the DSA to investigate the case sooner and take actions faster.

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