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Distance between traffic light signals

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gices anonymous_2
Stacey 13 May 2009

Would you be able to tell me the legal distance between 2 sets of traffic lights? Is there any chance of 2 sets of lights being too close together?


gices 14 May 2009

The distance between two traffic signals depend on the type of road and the speed limit. If you introduce a traffic signal too close to another one on a fast lane, then there would be a lot of crashes I guess.

Traffic lights are placed at junctions to help traffic flow easily. So if 2 junctions are close to each other, then you could potentially have 2 set of traffic lights so near that it causes problems to stop safely. Please refer to the following government links for more information:

From the sound of it, it seems that you had an accident or jumped a red light because the traffic lights were too close. Is that correct? Do you want to tell me more about it?

Stacey 26 May 2009


I have received notification of passing a red light (at 15mph). I did stop but just over the line. While approaching the 1st set of lights they were green but ahead of these (say three car lengths) was another set which were already RED so I had already slowed down but was so close to both sets that I wasn't expecting the 1st set to turn red at the same time. Would be good to know what you think?

gices 28 Aug 2009


Traffic lights must be a safe distance apart so that you can easily stop when necessary. You may have been wrongly caught by the camera but this is difficult to prove. If you want to fight back, then you can ask that they check that the camera is in good working condition and see if other people have been caught by the same camera as well. If that's the case, then the camera may be faulty and you have grounds for a legal battle. You can also challenge your council that the two sets of traffic lights are too close. It is really upto you how far you want to take it and what you are willing to risk to prove your innocence (solicitor fees, stress etc).

anonymous_2 08 Apr 2013

Is there a distance Traffic lights must be located after you exit a Roundabout. When you off a roundabout how must space must there be before you arrive at Traffic lights.

anonymous_2 08 Apr 2013

Is there a minimum distance between the end of a bus lane and a set of traffic lights for turning left?