First gear or neutral at traffic lights?

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gices anonymous_2

When waiting at a red light, should car be in first gear with foot on clutch or in neutral gear with hand brake on?


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anonymous_2 15 May 2013

Neutral is the right course of action

anonymous_2 10 Jan 2011

Wrong Furry Animal, must always be in neutral. Janette is correct.

Furry_Animal 01 Oct 2010

when you stop at traffic lights. Pause before putting handbrake on then if lights change put car into first then drive off. If lights are on red for sometime then apply hand brake then change to first. It does not matter if you are in first gear waiting as the clutch is fully down. some pupils like to leave in neutral then time the lights for gear change. Either way is ok

gices 13 Oct 2009


The car should be in neutral when waiting at traffic lights. Some traffic lights take longer to change, so you will end up wearing the clutch if you wait in first gear with your foot on the clutch. With the handbrake on, the car is secured and will not be propelled forward if somebody bumps into you from the back. When the traffic lights change from red to amber, that's when you change into first gear so that you're ready to go when green is shown.