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New driver short term insurance

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BarbaraJones 23 Aug 2008
We'd like to find occasional insurance to enable our son to use our car for odd days here and there. He lives in Cambridge, we in Lancaster, so most of the time we can't give him chance to keep his hand in with driving but we'd like to take out short-term insurance for his use of our car when possible. He doesn't have a car and won't have for the foreseeable future. He's 24 - 25 in October - and passed his test only in August. Companies I've looked at on the web insist on 12 months full license minimum before they'll give such cover. Any suggestions, please?

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gices 30 Sep 2008


It's a good thought to give your son the opportunity to keep up with his driving, otherwise he might get a bit rusty and practice always lead to better drivers. Have you tried eCar Short Term Insurance? They offer temporary insurance policies for drivers aged 25-75. You can check online whether they are going to insure your son when he turns 25 in October. If they turn him down because he hasn't held his licence for at least a year, let me know and I'll try to find an alternative option for you.