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There are many people who receive a short period driving disqualification because of a whole range of reasons - the most common being drink driving or driving recklessly. If you fall into this category, you may be given the chance to redeem yourself and get your driving licence back sooner for good behaviour or taking a course. Some drivers who get disqualified may be able to take a drink driving awareness course to help them get back on the road sooner. If this wasn’t offered to you as an option, then you may not have a choice and wait until the disqualification period has ended.

Losing your licence even for a short period of time can cause serious financial implication such as losing your job. Some employers hire people with a driver's licence as it is an asset should the need arise for the employee to travel. So by having your licence taken away, you will no longer have the best asset that could secure your job. Also if your employer finds that you have had your licence taken away from you in the past, they may see you as an incompetent person and may not want to employ you.

Although short period driving bans are given, longer term bans ranging from 1-10 years are also handed out to drivers. In some rarer cases, a lifetime driving ban can be imposed if you are seen as a threat to others and if you are likely to re-offend again. If you have a driving disqualification and you are caught driving, your disqualification period could increase or you could be faced with a hefty fine, not to mention some time spent in prison.

Driving bans for 56 days or less

Short term driving disqualifications are usually for a period of 56 days or less and during this time it is illegal to drive. If the court has given you a disqualification less than 56 days, your licence will stamped and given back to you. You do not need to hand over your driving licence to the DVLA. After the disqualification period has expired, then you can drive straight away without having to have a re-issued licence.

If you have been given a disqualification lasting more than 56 days, you may have to re-apply for your driving licence to be reinstated and this should be done through the DVLA and filling in the correct form. In some cases, you will need to re-apply for a provisional licence so you can take the theory test and practical driving test again. Your GP may be contacted to check you are fit and healthy to drive as well before you are allowed on the roads once more.

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jenniroe Level 1

I have been banned from driving for 6 months, do I need to reapply for my license?

Ban is due to end, court say I just ask for license back, dvla say it was destroyed and need to re-apply?

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For driving bans more than 56 days, you will need to re-apply for your licence. You will therefore have to fill a D1 application form (application for a new licence) and send it back to DVLA. Note that there's a fee to pay to get the driving licence back and that depends on the reason you were banned from driving.

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craig_4 Level 1

I have been banned from driving for a month, do I need to reapply for my license?

Do I need to re-apply for my licence as I've been banned for a month?

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For disqualification less than 56 days, you do not need to request your licence back. When you're sentenced, your licence will be stamped and returned to you. You cannot drive during your disqualification period but after your ban ends, you can resume driving.

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