How many months do you get knocked off if you do the drink drive course?

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Dawn 25 Aug 2009

I'm on a 17 months ban...


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Pete_3 23 Sep 2009

I got the same ban. 17 Month drink driving ban. I attended the course, as stated by Dawn, it must be done on the day of your ban by the magistrates, and you must agree to take the course for a fee of £150. On completion of the 18 hour course over 3 days, you get a certificate which reduces your ban by 1/4 which in this case is 4 months. Not only does this course reduce your ban, it also helps in getting a reduced price on your insurance once your ban is up. As most insurance companies either won't touch you or charge very high prices, some insurance companies like elephant will reduce the cost of the insurance with proof of the certificate. In my opinion well worth opting for when you get banned. Not sure if you can ask for this course once you've left court and the bans been set by the magistrates though, that you'd need to ring the court where you was banned and enquire.

gices 25 Aug 2009


If you attend the drink driving rehabilitation course, you can get upto one quarter of your ban term off. For a 17 months ban, you will probably get 4 months off. However, this rehab course is not something that you can willingly sign up to; you will have to be referred to this course by the judge who sentenced you in the first place. There's also a fee to pay to be enrolled on this course.