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In recent years hello kitty has gained immense popularity and it was so much that companies have also introduced a line of hello kitty car accessories. They are the perfect gift for a hello kitty fan or as a means of accessory when keeping young children calm on a trip or even the school run. Many young children enjoy having some stimulation when sitting in the car and with some pretty pink car accessories, little girls will soon enjoy the school run and family shopping days.

##What hello kitty car accessories are there to buy?

There are many different hello kitty merchandise available to buy and if you are truly a big fan, the best places to buy are over the internet. As hello kitty started in China, that's where all the accessories are made, so by buying online you'll get better deals and you'll also get items that are not available to purchase in the UK. Here are a few common items:

Car sunshade - keeps the car cool in the summer and avoids fabric and colour fading in the hot summer months
Air freshener - buy a girly and sweet smelling 2D air freshener to hang up on your rear view mirror
Non-slip dash mat - place a hello kitty dash mat and prevent things from sliding off the dashboard when driving; it's perfect for mobile phones, purses and children's toys
Vent air freshener - buy an air freshener for your car vent and smell the sweet perfumes when you turn on the air con or heating
Hello kitty plush** -** with suction caps to stick to the window, buy a hello kitty plush toy that can entertain little ones whilst you drive
Mobile phone holder - have hello kitty hold your mobile phone so you can drive safely and use hands free connection if necessary
Visor organiser** - **have an organiser hold all your favourite CD's, pens, notebook and more so you never have to go rummaging through your glove box again
Sunshade - keep passengers and children comfortable during the hot summer months by attaching sun shades to the rear windows
Car mats - buy car mats to keep the car clean and add a little colour to the car

There are so much more items available to buy that I couldn't possibly mention them all. The ones stated above are the most commonly bought hello kitty car accessories that are bought here in the UK. To save some money, how about buying a hello kitty car accessory set that will include the majority of things listed above but costing less than buying individually because of buying in bulk discount?

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