Top Car Accessories for Girls

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Owning a car is surely great but personalising it to match your taste is a different feeling altogether. That's why boys like to go crazy kitting their cars but women who want to give a feminine touch to their set of wheels have plenty of choices too. Here are some ideas:

Car Steering Wheel Cover/Glove

Pink Steering Wheel Covers

Popular choices:

  • Hello Kitty theme in vibrant pink and small white dots
  • Silicon steering wheel cover in black and pink
  • Fluffy bright pink
  • Soft pink with ribbons and hearts on the sides

More designs are available to suit the different tastes and to help with better gripping. Prices start from £7.

Car Mats

Pink Car Mats

Popular choices:

  • The Powered by Fairydust in black and bring pink trim (minimal design)
  • 4 piece heart design made of hard wearing anti-slip backing
  • Pink checker plate style rubber floor mats
  • Girls black and mettal pink rubber interior car floor mat

There are other designs available like Playboy and prices start from £12.

Air Freshener

Girly Air Fresheners

Popular choices:

  • Funky dice air freshener you can hang on your rear view mirror
  • Little animal designs like bunny or poodle which dangle as you drive
  • Cupcake, doughnut, owl, flower, wonder woman designs (made from cardboard sprinkled with long lasting scent)

The use of air fresheners helps in getting rid of bad odour and they add a nice smell to your vehicle as well. Prices start from £2.50.

Mud Flaps

Mud Flaps

You can get black/white mud flaps with the word WRX, GTI, 206 (for Peugeot), Saxo, Corsa written in pink in their logo style. Prices start from £20 for a set of 4 with fixings.

Gear Knob & Handbrake

Pinky Gear Knobs

Popular choices:

  • Pink chrome manual gear shift knob
  • Black top embedded with little gems (diamond like) knob with the other half a dark pink colour
  • Slick pink leather gear knob

Note that not all knobs will fit into your vehicle as some require unscrewing the existing one and others are of a certain dimension. Please check well before buying. Prices start from £7.

Car Seat Covers

Pink Car Seats

Popular choices:

  • Hello Kitty covers
  • Light pink colour with minimal design or without anything
  • Pink on the edges and black in the middle or the opposite

The set normally comes in 2 front, 2 rear, 2 seatbelt pads and 4 headrest covers which can be easily removed for cleaning. Prices start from £20.

Tax Disc Holder

Tax Disc Holder

Popular choices:

  • Hello Kitty design
  • Personalised tax disc holder where you can get it customised by writing to names

Normal ones are as cheap as £1 and personalised ones start from £3.

Car Wash Kit

Pink Car Wash Kit

It's been said that girls usually look hot when they are seen washing up their cars; excluding Rasputia in Norbit because it was actually Eddie Murphy. Anyway, forget about the attention you're likely to get but if you don't want the standard looking wash kits, you can get:

  • 10L bucket
  • microfibre wheel brush
  • glass and buffing cloths
  • 2 in 1 noodle sponge wash pad
  • demist pad
  • bottle of wash and wax

...all that in pink for around £17.

Most of the items above can be bought really cheap from eBay with FREE delivery within 2-3 days. So there's no reason why you girls shouldn't decorate your vehicles to your taste :)

Don't hesitate to share your most unique car accessory in the comments!

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