Top 5 Spongebob Car Accessories

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SpongeBob Squarepants has become increasingly popular in the last few years; children adore him and so do many adults. Who would have thought this porous yellow sponge creature who lives in a pineapple under the sea would make us laugh so much, eh? How awesome would it be to have the folks of Bikini Bottom with us while driving to keep us entertained? If the idea sounds appealing to you, keep reading to discover some of the best car accessories for Mr SquarePants!

1) Tax Disc Holder

tax disc holder

This is a cheap accessory to buy and retails for around £3.50 on eBay. Most of us have the tax disc holder which our car insurance company sent us. Let's give that a bit of life with the smiling face of SpongeBob instead.

2) Car Seat Covers

spongebob car seat covers

Now we're talking about being a real fan. Give a yellow theme to your car and let others know you like this funny character who is dedicated to making Krabby Patty burgers for a living. You can get matching seatbelt pads and headrest covers too.

3) Steering Wheel Cover

steering wheel cover

Although SpongeBob hasn't been able to pass his driving test yet, he can still help you get a better grip of your steering wheel. The smiley faces on the cover is bound to cheer you up and the material will give you better control of your vehicle.

4) Air Freshener

air freshener

Patrick, the starfish, may not like having a shower everyday but SpongeBob likes his personal hygiene a lot. So give him the responsibility of making your car smell nice by adding his cute air freshener in the front. And if you know him well, you know he takes his job very seriously!

5) Sunshade

car window sunshade

We may not be so lucky to see the sun often in the UK but when we do, it can take us by surprise. A good sunshade over the car windows is perfect to protect us from the harmful rays of the sun and it also gives us a little privacy.

Where to Buy

There are many more Spongebob merchandise available and you can get the other characters as well including Squidward, Gary the Snail, Plankton, Mr Krabs and Sandy Cheeks. However there don't seem to be a lot of stock available in Britain and you may have to order from abroad if you're after something specific. Check Ebay and Amazon first though!

If you're a fan of Spongebob, let us know what other accessories you have.

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