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As we all know, the ladies love their car accessories and if they're not too fond of buying just pink car accessories then why not try the alternatives. Tinkerbell car accessories have something to suit all tastes and budgets. You can get Tinkerbell car stuff in pink and also black but still with some girly touches such as glitter and pastel colouring.

What Tinkerbell car accessories are there to buy?

Everything you can possibly think of is available to buy in the Tinkerbell car accessories range. To give an idea of what is available, here's a list:

Tinkerbell car seat covers - you can get car seat covers in pink or black, other colours may also be available to purchase and if you wanted to, you could even get it made in the colour of your choice
Tinkerbell car mats - car mats featuring Tinkerbell are available to buy in a few selected colours
Steering wheel cover - steering wheel covers featuring Tinkerbell are available to buy in most stores that will also protect hands from hot summers and bitter cold winters
Tinkerbell sunshade - if you have a young daughter, she will also enjoy having a sunshade to protect from the bright sun rays featuring her favourite Disney character
Decals - Tinkerbell vinyl car decals featuring tink herself and other favourite quotes are available at bargain prices over the internet. They can be stuck on the outside or inside of the car window with a guarantee of 7 years
CD organiser - you can get an organiser in the theme of Tinkerbell to keep CDs in order and easy reach without having to search for them in the glove box
Dice - there are a lot of people who find dice in cars very tacky but if you are one of those people who don't care what people say then Tinkerbell on a dice is for you
Tinkerbell litter bag - as younger people are very messy why not have a handy tink rubbish bag in your car; you can even use it to clean up after your little ones
Air freshener - we all need an air freshener for the car so why not get a matching Tinkerbell air freshener, it'll keep your car smelling nice and be the envy of all your friends

If you would like to have all matching Tinkerbell car accessories, then buy an auto accessories set. It will include most things such as car mats, seat covers, a keying, sunshade and even steering wheel cover and it'll also save you a lot of money buying altogether rather than buying each of them individually.

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