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Help to get cheap car insurance for a young driver

MartinAllen 18 Oct 2010

I passed my test a week ago and i am looking for a car. An old style Corsa or renault is what i would like. but when i do quotes for these im getting quotes saying nearly £4000 what the hell is going on! im young yes, but i shouldnt be branded the same as every other young driver. some of us dont want to thrape the cars we get. can anybody help me to get a cheaper quote and how to do so? thanks

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themslygers 25 Oct 2010

unfortuatley this is the current economical situation the country is in. your best bet is to find an old (and i don't mean 5 years, we're talking 10+) car with low engine capacity (1 litre max) you may have to get an 'un-cool' car unfortuately, do your pass plus (this took £700 of my premium when i passed) and get it insured with those specialised companies for young drivers (in that book they give you when you pass your test). make sure you collect 5+ seperate quotes, don't just use the comparison websites. and make sure they recognise your pass plus as well. tie it all together and you'll hopefully get a quote for less than £2000. hope this helps. - and oh yeah, whatever you do, don't speed and show off cos this will defo lead to a crash. don't listen to anyone ripping into your sensible driving and your premium year by year will drop like a brick.

anonymous_2 07 Apr 2013

There's also insurance companies offering little box(admiral) which is like a black ox in a plane it records your driving admiral offer a discount if U have the box fitted and cheaper premiums the year after I've used admiral as an example but there may be other insurers offering this obviously if you drive like a loon then this is no good