How long after passing driving test can you do Pass Plus?

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Hi I have passed my driving in 2009, can I still do pass plus?

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happydude Level 1

You can do it at any time, according to it is aimed mainly at people who have passed less than a year ago but there is no set time so you can do it yes, and if you have done little or no driving since you passed your test (like myself but i passed in july2010 and plan to book mine in the next week or two) then i personaly would reccomend it, as would most proffesionals i'm sure (what harm can it do?), it will make you confident, safe and less likely to crash. for the price it's worth it considering the possible alternative.

safe driving FTW.

gices Level 6

You can do the Pass Plus Course at any time really. However most people tend to do it just after completing their practical test so that they can get cheaper car insurance premiums. Any particular reason why you want to do this course? Lower your car insurance or just to make you a better driver?

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