Banned for drink driving and caught again whilst being disqualified

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gices anonymous_2
margaret_2 30 May 2010

In 2006 I was banned from driving for three years for drink driving. In 2007 I was caught driving while disqualified and drink driving again and banned for a further four years. What is the likelyhood of getting my licence back early. I really need a driving licence for my work.


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anonymous_2 23 Sep 2013

OMG banned TWICE for drink driving you really should have learned your lesson from the first time, but twice well you really don't deserve your licence at all, what if you had hurt someone or more seriously killed them or even a child!!!! how stupid are you??? could you really live with yourself if you had killed or hurt someone??? people like you really make me sick and should be put in jail for a very long time, WHEN WILL PEOPLE LIKE YOU LEARN THAT DRINK DRIVING IS DANGEROUS AND MOST OF ALL STUPID!!! YOU IDIOT!!!

missozzy 09 Jun 2010

Think yourself lucky! Your list of offences will probably not be taken into consideration when you do eventually get your licence back! I was banned for drink driving for the second time, then drink driving whilst disqualified the third time. I know not clever. Got my licence back in a few weeks after extended test at the cost of £1000. Can't get insurance for less than £3000 on a £400, heap of crap. My advice sit tight and don't do it again. mcihelle

gices 02 Jun 2010

Well you didn't do any favour to yourself by committing the same mistake twice so you've already cut down your chances of getting your licence early. Driving driving is a serious offence as it can cost the lives of many and the court will not be lenient for a second time offender. If you badly need your driving licence, then it is advisable that you consult a drink driving solicitor for advice and guidance.