Driving abroad whilst banned in the UK

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If your banned from driving in the UK, does this mean an automatic ban in the EU?

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For you to legally drive in another country, you must have a valid driving licence. Please pay special attention to the words "legally" and "valid". You may have been disqualified from driving in the UK but choose to keep this a secret when driving in a foreign country. This is normally against the law (unless you're in a country where anyone can drive even without a proper licence). For short term driving bans, your licence is usually returned to you but stamped so that people know you have a ban. Having in your possession your driving licence does not mean you can drive unless your disqualification has elapsed.

You may find that hiring a car becomes difficult without a valid licence and car insurance will also be a problem. Put it this way, if you are not entitled to drive in the UK, you should not drive elsewhere unless you acquire a driving licence in the country where you wish to drive and not use your UK driving licence as the basis for being able to drive abroad.

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