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One day learner insurance

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GeorgeAwuor 06 Nov 2009

I hold a learner's license. I am seeking to buy a one-day insurance cover for today (7/11/2009) to enable me to drive my car from the seller to my address, accompanied by a full UK driving license holder.

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gices 07 Nov 2009


Short term car insurance policies are strict as it is for holders of a full driving licence, so you can stipulate how difficult this is going to be for you now. Actually, it's impossible to get 1 day car insurance as a learner. No one will insure you at the moment because the shortest period of insurance cover that you can get as a learner is 4 weeks which is a lot more than you're looking for. The best thing for you to do is ask the person who is accompanying you to drive the car for you. If the person has a fully comprehensive policy, then the latter may be allowed to drive another car with Third Party insurance only. However the insurance policy needs to be checked to see if that's included as part of the policy as not all policies allow this. Otherwise, that person can purchase car insurance for one day to drive your car to your address.