Under age driving for son of 14

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StevenPerrett 09 Apr 2011

My son age 14, has been driving cars since the age of 9 he was a natural no one taught him he just did it and he also took and still does take great pride in his ability,me and my wife thought it would be a great idea to hone his (skills/abbility) and went forth and spent a huge amount of money and sent him carting where he was promised one day if he could get round the track in a certain time he would be invited into the carting accademy,he did what was asked rose to the challenge and conquered only to be snubbed,he still has the hunger for racing and driving, is there any where I could let him drive my car legally on the odd occasion as a reward for his progress at school.

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gices 11 Apr 2011

Unfortunately the legal age to drive on public roads is 17. So your son can only drive on private land since he is underaged. There's a reason why there is this age limit for driving but for the time being, you'll probably need to think of other types of reward for him.