Driving without insurance within first 2 years of passing, will I have to resit test?

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antwon159 04 Apr 2011

I had just bought a car and thought I would be ok to drive it home and get it insured when I got home, on the way I got pulled for not having insurance and they took my car and gave me a fine of 200 and said I'm going to get 6 points on my licence but when I got insurance and went to pick my car up, (as they impounded it) I was allowed to drive it. Can I still drive and just have to do my test again? Or can I not drive untill I've done my test again?

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gices 06 Jul 2012

When you pass your driving test, you are on probation for 2 years and if within that time you accumulate 6 or more points, your licence will be revoked and you will have to retake the test (both theory + hazard perception and practical tests).

The DVLA will send you a letter to inform you about the revocation and will give you 5 days notice. So as you can see, it's the responsibility of DVLA to invalidate your licence and not the police. Bear in mind that this process can take time because the police need to notify DVLA which will issue the letter and depending how slow the post is, you might need to wait for some time to receive it your end. You probably got away with it this time because you went to collect your car straight away, before you were notified.