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Who to apply to get licence back after driving ban?

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helena 20 Jun 2010

Hi, how do I go about getting my licence back? I got a 2 year ban and it is long up although I never applied for it straight back. How do I go about getting it back now? Who do I apply to?


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gices 23 Jun 2010

If your driving ban is over now, you can request your licence through the DVLA. As a matter of fact, the DVLA sends a reminder to your last known address so that you can apply for your licence back just before your disqualification is over. If you didn't get any reminders from the DVLA, you can fill a D1 application form (application for a driving licence, which you can get from the post office, print online from DirectGov website or call DVLA to get one) and send it to DVLA with the correct fee enclosed.

Usually you will get your driving licence back after 3 weeks once they've received your application. Good luck and let me know how it goes for you.