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How can i find out the registered keeper of a vehicle by just a registration number plate please?

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anonymous_2 gices
Marg 19 Apr 2010

I need to get the registered keepers details for a car, but i only have a plate number Please. Thank you.


gices 17 May 2010

The only way to get this information is through the DVLA. You will need to fill in a Request for Information form (V888) and send it to the DVLA. Note that there's a fee to pay for this service as follows:

  • £2.50 for requesting the keeper details of another vehicle (one that you don't own)
  • £5 for requesting the previous keepers of a vehicle that you now own

For further information, please have a look at the link on how to get information from DVLA records.

anonymous_2 08 Apr 2013

If you pay £4.00 for a vehicle Data Check does that include the name of the current registered owner of that vehicle. I don't need any further information on contact details or address but would like to know the name of the person that is currently the registered owner.

gices 08 Apr 2013

With the Vehicle Data Check, you get only details about the vehicle. To get the name of the registered keeper, you will need to contact DVLA as described above in my answer.