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How to find out when MOT certificate runs out?

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PeterKemp 14 Jul 2008

I am trying to find out when the M.O.T. runs out on a car which belongs to my partner. I believe it was last tested in early August last year but runs out at the End of August. As she cannot find the current certificate, we need to find out this info.

Any help much appreciated


Peter Kemp


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gices 14 Jul 2008

You can find out when your MOT is next due by going to the check vehicle info section. You just need the registration number of the vehicle and that's it. It is an online MOT service which I've used many times to check current MOT status and history when buying used cars.

FYI: VOSA (Vehicle & Operator Services Agency) which used to provide this service has now been replaced by DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency).

isobelcorrie 15 Oct 2019

Cannot find document to know when MOT needs doing

Cannot find document as to when or if MOT needs doing and need to find out when it is is due.

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gices 15 Oct 2019

You can either find the information online or by calling Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA) on 0870 606 0440. To do it online, you'll need your V5C registration certificate.

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tattyteddy 06 Oct 2019

Bought car privately, how can I find out when the MOT runs out?

Have just bought a car privately they say it has 2 months left on mot but they gave us no certificate what can I do? Need to find out if car has mot, registartion is r176otd

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loveablechewit 11 Apr 2011

Yes you can check the MOT status, put the vehicle details in here...

johnboy47 16 Dec 2010

You can go online to the gov web site and put in your info from your log book and it will tell you when your MOT runs out.