Registered keeper different to insurance policy holder!

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My husband is the registered keeper of our car but the insurance poilcy is in my name. He is a named driver on the policy but also has his own vehicle and his own insurance policy.
I was involved in an accident and my car has now been deemed a total loss. I am waiting for communication from my insurance with an offer for my car etc but am now concerned as the car is in my husbands name whether my insurance policy would be void??
To be honest he normally deals with all of this so am new to the whole registered keeper, insurance claims etc.
Any advice would be greatfully recieved.

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Mark_Campion Level 1

i bought a car and didnt realise that the last keeper hadnt sent the paperwork off to register the vehicle in my name. the car has been stolen and technically i am not the registered keeper will my insurance still be valid?

gices Level 6

There's nothing to worry about. Once the insurer has taken you on board knowing your circumstances (being the policy holder but not registered keeper), then they need to fulfil their part of the contract and honour your claim.

Sometimes with all the news and info on how insurance companies can invalidate your insurance policy, it can really scare you but in your case, everything will be fine.

I hope you get a decent price for your car.

ernie31 Level 1

Thank you for your answer. I was seriously worried but all is ok and the insurance company have paid up!!
Just got the task of finding a new car now.

Thanks again.

gices Level 6

I'm happy to hear everything worked out fine for you.

Are you going to get another car of the same make/model you had before?

Out of curiosity, how much did you get for your car? Was it anywhere near what you expected?

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