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My girlfriend lives at a different address to me and she is the registered keeper but I am the policy holder of the insurance ie the main driver - but the car is kept and insured at my address. Is this a problem?

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As long as you have given the right details to the insurance company, there's nothing to worry about. Usually on the car insurance quote application form, they ask you who the registered keeper is and who will be the main driver and where the vehicle is going to be kept at night; if you have stated all these details correctly and the insurance company is aware that the car is insured at a different address to the registered keeper, then you'll be just fine.

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When you enter into a Policy of Insurance you want to be covered. There is no point obtaining Insurance at a cheaper rate and then after an RTA (example - COSTING £ 30,000 - ie 2 cars written off, 2 whiplash claims & costs) finding you are not covered because the Insurance Company says "Non Disclosure of a Material Fact ") If you are the main driver,and it is your vehicle, why is she the Registered Keeper? Of course parking tickets would go to her address ! To be fully comprehensively insured, you could add your girlfriend as an Additional driver onto your policy & disclose how many miles she drives per annum, if she has any no claims, her previous accident history, and if she takes the car to her home, what her address is , as some residential area are a lower or higher risk and affect the premium paid. It's better to pay a little more and be covered than pay a cheaper premium for no cover. If the car is used during the course of the working day for work ie visiting clients , buying stock,( ignore driving to and from work ) then you need your Policy of Insurance to cover Business use and not just "Social Domestic and Pleasure", otherwise you would not be covered if you had an accident while using the car for Business use. Many Insurers do not charge any more for this additional cover.

Example 1 : Practice Nurse has "Social, domestic and Pleasure" cover. She is driving to the GP surgery she's based at to clock in and en route has an accident. She should be covered UNDER 'SOCIAL DOMESTIC AND Pleasure' - she on her way to start work.

EXAMPLE 2 : The same nurse arrives at Work to start her day. An hour later, in her own car,she has to travel 1 mile to see an elderly patient as an emergency.On the way she has an accident causing £ 50,000 worth of damage. With SDP only she would not be covered. ( The third party could seek redress against her Insurer directly,as statute - ROAD TRAFFIC Act-makes them do so) However the fully comprehensive policy will not cover the nurse's own vehicle which could be written off as a total loss.

Hope this helps !

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V5 Address is different to the Insurance Address

Home address is the insured address and driving licence is the home address. Is it permissible to register the car V5 at my parents address.

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Registered keeper and policy holder at different address

Hello. So I'm trying to find out how it works when my dad is the registered keeper of the car and lives under a different address than me however I am the main driver and the only one insured on the car. But I want to change and become the registered keeper so any fines or letters come straight to my address not my dads. I'm wondering if all this process will affect my insurance if I become the registered keeper?

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Registered Keeper Different to Owner with Finance


I've recently separated from my husband. He bought me a car on a finance deal where he pays monthly for 3 years and then there's a lump sum to pay at the end or we can hand the car back.

We now live at separate addresses and he has agreed to carry on paying the monthly finance amount but the car is mine, he never drives it.

Is it ok for him to sign the log book over to me so that I am the registered keeper even though the finance is in his name?

And also is it the finance company or my husband who is the owner of the car as I need to know for renewing my insurance.

Thanks for your help.

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