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Young drivers fronting to get cheap premiums - Why?

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Wrobinson 24 Mar 2009

If the insurance companies agreed to meet us youngsters half way then it is morally wrong to carry out this so called 'fronting' on your car insurance policy. But no, they are constantly looking at ways to fill their coffers. It's as if we've got endless pits of cash to throw about, that's why young drivers insurance is so high!. The problems stem from the INSURANCE COMPANIES and I don't care what any person says, that is a FACT! Stop pushing young person's premiums up and we will stop resorting to alternate illegal tactics to get cover. But until then these scrounging car insurance companies can go kill themselves! The thing is yes they should be vigilant towards the boy racer bunch who drive done up novas worth nothing with intentions of ragging them, however they should not be so hard on younger drivers who wish to buy nice cars but end up paying drastically for car insurance. In my opinion the people who pay for nice cars are more likely to abide by the rules and not crash their cars. The problem is the chavs driving their 1.2 Corsas at stupid speeds that they nor their cars can handle and consequently ending up sprawled out in a hedge! It is them who end up increasing our premiums not the ones with nice cars that just so happen to work hard to acquire them and look after them constantly. I own a 2.5 ltr performance hot hatch and I'm 20 - I always get nuisance kiddies in their little cars trying to race me but I never rise to the occasion I just slow down and wind them up further. The reason for this is simple:

  1. My car has the guts to demolish you in a swift flick of the accelerator, (why should I bother trying to prove that when you already know what's going to happen?)
  2. I choose when to have some fun in my car and not when you decide you want to make a fool of yourself and race me "bruv"!
  3. I polish my car more than I drive it. Do you think I really want to take stupid risks that could result in my pride and joy ending up crushed and mangled at the side of the road?

No of course not!

The one thing that is bugging me at the moment is when I take into consideration how much my insurance will cost me when I renew it come June, and when my car tax rises due to an over zealeous pro green government trying to abolish bigger engines because they "contribute towards global warming!" and when the petrol prices yet again go up. Can I really justify keeping my car if it is now running the risk of costing way too much to run? I am a car enthusiast and I dearly love my car so much and would even consider myself a perfectly capable driver even if I am at the hands of a powerfull car at such a young age. It's just the insurance companies don't see it that way!

All I can say if I would actively dis-encourage anybody who is thinking of using this 'fronting' tactic to get car insurance, but would like insurance companies to start being a little sympathetic towards us. Yes I do have a car that I really shouldn't have until I'm at least 25 but I am willing to play by the insurance companies rules providing they cut me a little slack. Like I said I would pay a price, just not THAT much.

I have managed to get it down now to £1051 after many stressful nights of constant research and I am now happy with that price. But in my father's name I can get it down to £691. Now why the hell can't I pay that on my own name? That price in my opinion would be jusifiable not £1051 even if that still is considered to be fairly cheap. But this isn't just about me. My friends are stung a hell of a lot more than that on their own names for 1.4 ltr and 1.6 ltr cars and they are also 20. So where's the fairness in that then? They can't get over the fact that I have managed to get mine as low as £1051 a year and I do feel sorry for them because some of them are better drivers than myself who don't deserve to be stung so hard for cars that I know they look after and drive well. They end up working much overtime like myself to cater for the ever growing increases that we are seeing at this very moment concerning the car industry. So please insurance companies give people like my friends and myself a little breathing space even if it's not a by a huge amount and then we will stop cheating you.


mads 01 Aug 2010

Very well put. I have been getting quotes for my son and to be honest the price is outrageous and that's for third party fire and theft! The insurance companies need to get a grip, add the fact that if you are a female of the same age the quote is lower as well. An even playing field is needed here and then maybe not so many un-insured young drivers would be out there!

gices 09 Sep 2009


Very well said. I couldn't have said it better myself!