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Reporting employee who did not reveal driving conviction

leejo2012 28 Aug 2013

I have just found out an employee of mine has been driving my fleet of commercial vehicles while on a 9 month ban in between that we have renewed are fleet policy & haven't declared his ban. Does anyone have any suggests on who I contact & report this to. The person no longer works for us but I need to report this.

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fickle 28 Aug 2013

A quick call to CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111 will do the trick.

leejo2012 28 Aug 2013

The problem is what will happen to me as an a employer not checking & the insurance company

roadrunner 17 Sep 2013

@leejo2012 : If the person no longer works for you, why bother reporting this?

Marcus 22 Sep 2013

Is it worth the trouble you paid him he did the job and you should have checked so you are to blame and you could be in trouble. Also if he would have had an accident due to say break failure or something else you would be in court before him.. forget it you made a mistake live with it and do your checking next time rkm