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Charles 30 May 2008

I am a 17 year old male (oh dear, sounds like I’m trying to write some king of dating advert). My driving test is booked for next month, June 08. I've always dreamed of driving at 17 ever since I was about 3.

I've had the good old laborious ‘slave trade’ weekend jobs to try and save for it too. Trying to plead for money from the parents is an unbelievable waste of time, especially when it comes down to driving which is apparently “dangerous.” I must say spending £2500 on insurance is ridiculous (especially as it’s just to insure a crappy car, and that’s not a Ford Capri. ha). This is a lot of money when you're a student. I honestly believe the government have something to do with it, most probably their way of raising the legal driving age to 18 without officially doing it.

One thing I’ve found though is that girls get it easy. I don’t really think its fair especially in a society where everyone is apparently “equal”? I guess premiums are calculated on statistics but even still. I’ve found places where girls can drive ANY privately insured car 3rd party (i.e. their parents 4lt V8 coupe), yes ANY car, at 17 years of age for just £800.

What I suggest for us males is that we wait until we've had our licences for a year... insurance premiums come down significantly. I know it seems like a life time to wait at our age but imagine how much better off we'll be at 18. What car can we have with the £2500 we didn't spend on insurance for the previous year? In answer to the question, a nice one. (Perhaps we can also get the premium to drive any privately insured car 3rd party pretty cheap too. wink wink).
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gices 02 Jun 2008


I'm sure you will pass your test first time round seeing that you're passionate about driving. I know it's not fair that girls get cheaper insurance premiums because statistics show that girls are more careful drivers (ie are less likely to be involved in car accidents) and insurance companies rely a lot of such statistics.

However I need to point out that the quotes for car insurance go down significantly when you've actually had car insurance in your name, that is, when you have got your first year no claims discount but it will not go down by a lot if you just have one year driving experience. It makes a difference when you've held your license for like 5+ years even if you have never had auto insurance in your own name but for one year driving experience, it will still be expensive I'm afraid.

Anyway, let us know how your driving test goes and what type of car insurance you will get and with whom. Good luck!


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