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our policy document- i am down as registered keeper- but husband is- i had accident help

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devonvalley 11 Apr 2013

husband additional named driver- but discovered on policy he is not down as registered keeper(although he is) but in document I am named!- I had accident is our fully valid ?


gices 12 Apr 2013

I did not understand fully what you said above. So let's clear the confusion:

  1. On the insurance policy, who is the main driver?
  2. On the registration certificate for DVLA, who is the registered keeper?
devonvalley 12 Apr 2013

1) me
2) husband

Thank you

gices 12 Apr 2013

What's worrying you is the fact you're not the registered keeper but your husband is, right? But on your insurance documents, you've put yourself as the keeper of the vehicle. If that's the case, then the insurance company can try to make things harder with your claim because of incorrect information supplied but I doubt they are allowed to reject your claim and invalidate your insurance just for that reason.

devonvalley 13 Apr 2013

Thank you- found out car a write off- but will have to wait now for more news.