Do you have to change names on car finance to become registered/legal owner?

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Hi! I currently have a car that was bought for me after my last one blew up! :)

Because i travel 20 miles a day to work i needed a car that was reliable so my mum got me a brand new one on finance and at the time i was only 20 so i could not get finance in my name. Now i am nearly 22 and need to change the name on the DVLA documents into my name to reduce insurance costs, however the car is registered in her name because of the finance (it is a 5 year contract and 1 year has already elapsed). I was therefore wondering is there anyway the contract could be rewritten or put in my name. Im already paying the finance into her account and i have a good job so there would be no problem paying the money. I am currently registered as the main driver and it is only me on the insurance.

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The contract is legally binding and therefore you would not be able to change the details on it until the loan is cleared.

However, for your problem, you only need to ask your mother to make you the registered keeper. It is just a matter of her signing the log book in your name and DVLA will do the rest. Once that is done, your insurance worries will go :)

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