Does a named driver's accident affect my claim history?

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gices anonymous_2
anon_4 07 Dec 2010

A named driver on my policy has had an accident. The claim was reported on my policy but under her name. Is this now included on my or on her accident history and what happens when she is taken off the policy as a named driver?

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gices 09 Dec 2010

Well if you're the policyholder, you will lose your no claims discount if a named driver on your policy has an accident where she is at fault. The accident will be recorded under the named driver's accident history but your no claims discount will be removed/decreased. If you had 2 years NCB, you'll end up with zero no claims and whether or not the named driver is removed from your policy afterwards, your no claims will remain the same and only increase when you rebuild the no claims.

anonymous_2 23 Sep 2013

I have a car insurance policy with an additional driver who had an accident. If I take out a new policy without the additional driver do I have to declare the accident? It was a fault accident.

anonymous_2 08 Jul 2012

It's a long story but I am a widow & when my husband died I inherited his ncb of 9 yrs, I am a provisional licence holder. I added my friend as a named driver to my policy who had an accident today, will I lose my now 10 yrs ncb? I am with royal sun alliance insurance