Cheapest car insurance for teenagers

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GeorginaBlake 27 Mar 2010


My son and I have been looking through hundreds of insurance quotes for his new car! The quotes have been ridiculously high. I have followed all your hints and tips. Is it best to contact companies one by one or to compare on these web sites? It's so confusing.

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gices 30 Mar 2010

It will be too time consuming to contact each and every car insurance company one by one. You should go on a car insurance comparison website and you'll be able to get quotes from at most 110 insurers. Now the problem is that these comparison websites do not check all insurers because they might not have been able to partner with them all. So in order for you not to miss out on a better quote, you should check the list of insurers from which you have been quoted and contact those ones which do not appear on the list. An example would be Directline as it does not appear on any comparison website. There are others as well and that depends on which comparison website you're looking at.

It might be worth getting your son to do a pass plus course in an attempt to bring the quote further down if he hasn't done it. Savings as much as 40% on the premiums can be made through that course with a lot of companies.