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List of serious driving faults

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anonymous_2 gices
HamdyHashish 28 Feb 2010

Where can I find the serious fault list, can you email them to me?


anonymous_2 01 Aug 2012

Can you get a serious fault for going too slow in a national speed limit zone?

gices 01 Aug 2012

If you're going too slow, you could be creating a hazard for other road users. People behind you may get frustrated and try to overtake you all the time and that could result in an accident. Therefore this could very well be recorded as a serious but that depends on the prevailing conditions and up to the examiner to decide how bad it is.

gices 31 Mar 2010

There's no official list of serious faults as far as I'm aware. A minor driving fault can develop into a serious or dangerous fault. Faults which could lead to potential accidents will be classified as serious faults. For instance if you emerge from a side road without looking carefully and a car on the main road has to perform an emergency stop because you've cut through, this will be a serious fault and you will fail your driving test.

If you have any more concerns, then let me know.