Can a named driver on fully comprehensive policy drive another car?

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Lydia_1 14 Jul 2009

Can a named driver on a fully comp insurance drive another vehicle with the owner's permission?

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gices 09 Sep 2009


Not all car insurance policies allow you to drive another car with owner's permission. You will need to check the insurance policy for your car to see if you have that facility. It's normally referred to as the "Drive Other Cars" option and it basically allows you to drive another car with Third Party Only insurance cover, provided the owner of the car you will be driving has given you consent to do so.

Policyholder and named drivers will both have the same cover on the insurance policy. This means that you both have the same level of protection and if the policy says you can drive another car, then this applies to both the main driver and any additional drivers on that same policy (well unless stated otherwise). You can always ring up your insurer to ask and they will be able to tell you straight away but I'll go with what the policy says to be on the safe side.

Note that there's usually a restriction on what sort of vehicle you're allowed to drive under these circumstances. For example, if you currently drive a car with a small engine, the insurer won't cover you if get the permission of a sports' car owner to drive his car.