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Do you fail if you cannot do the driving test manoeuvres?

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Anita 07 May 2009

If you can't do any of the four manoeuvres, will you fail your practical driving test?


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Warsame 02 Nov 2019

Reversing during driving test

Hello, if you do a reverse around the corner and the car is a bit further away from the kerb will that be a major?

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gices 02 Nov 2019


If you are noticeably far from the kerb when you are reversing, then it could count as a minor. If you're just a bit far from the kerb, then the driving examiner may not even take notice of it but that depends on his/her mood really. However if you're a lot far from the kerb, like going onto the incoming lane while reversing your car, then it may be considered as a major driving fault because you're putting yourself and traffic coming in the opposite direction at risk of danger.

We have an article on minor, serious and dangerous driving faults which could be of interest to you if you want to know more.

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gices 14 May 2009
Passing the mock test is a good sign but it does not guarantee that you'll pass your practical. There are many reasons for that - people tend to get more nervous during the actual test and make silly mistakes, weather conditions may be different, circumstances on the road may be different, the examiner may ask you to do a route that you are not familiar with.

However, as you've passed your mock test, it shows that you know how to drive and there's no reason for you not to pass the practical driving test.
Anita 14 May 2009
I did a mock test and passed, does that mean I will do well on my practical driving test?
gices 11 May 2009


If you cannot perform any of the manoeuvres, you will fail without a doubt. During the driving test, the examiner will ask you to do two of the following manoeuvres:

1) Reversing around a corner
2) Turning in the road
3) Bay parking
4) Parallel parking

If you cannot perform even one of the manoeuvre properly, you will fail the practical driving test. Note that even if you manage to do the manoeuvre, you may still fail if your observations were poor.