How to get the UK driving instructor training course in Mauritius

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ElielIyempermall 15 Oct 2008

My name is Eliel Iyempermal and I live in Mauritius. I am a Driving Instructor according to Mauritian law. But I know that I never passed any examination. I want to introduce that course in Mauritius, that is the ADI, and if possible the grade 4, 5 & 6. Can you help inform me how the course can be done in Mauritius. There are other driving instructors too who are interested in that course.

I hope that you will give me a positive answer.

Thanking you in advance
Yous sincerely

Eliel Iyempermall

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Morcellement St Jean

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JoshLallchand 01 Nov 2009

I want to take a valid Driving Instructor Course From UK so that I can share my knowledge to the Mauritian Public. My question to anyone is:

  1. 1. Can I have a Distant Learning Course?
  2. 2. The FEES for the course
  3. 3. Will it be Valid For Mauritius?
  4. 4. Duration Of the Course

Thank You
Hope to Get an Answer Soon.

gices 16 Oct 2008


In the UK, you are required by law to have completed the driving instructor course to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). Teaching learners to drive and charging them for this service is illegal if you're not an ADI. This is specific to the UK though and I wouldn't know how the legislation works in your country. I would advise you to enquire about the regulatory board for driving in Mauritius, the equivalent of the Driving Standards Agency in the UK, first and take things from there. If there are no governing body which regulates driving, then you would need to raise the issue with the appropriate government department to get things moving.