What's the penalty for overstaying at Luton Airport Car Park?

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fickle 27 Aug 2019

I'm going on holiday soon and my wife has booked airport parking at Luton for 10 days in their long stay car park. Our return flight lands at 6pm and the scheduled time to exit the car park is 7pm which is I think cutting it too close.

How much more would I have to pay if we don't exit on time?

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gices 27 Aug 2019

I had the same worry a few weeks back when I was flying, so I called them up and asked and here's what they said to me:

  • You get 2hrs grace period
  • Then it is £27 for the first day until midnight
  • After that, it's £23 for each additional day

So all in all, you wouldn't pay anything if you left before 9pm (given your booking exit time is 7pm). If you were to leave at 10pm, you'd pay £27.

If your flight was delayed or you were held at immigration or had issues collecting your luggage and left the car park at 1am the following day, you'd have to pay £27 (from 9pm to midnight) and £23 (midnight to 1am) which would total to £50 extra in charges.

This is based on the information I got for the BCP car park at Luton.

Hope that helps and have a great holiday.