Car Park Accidents Are So Common So Exercise Caution To Avoid Regret Later On

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When we put our car in a car park, side road or designated parking space, we assume that it's safe but we may return to find that our parked car was hit whilst we've been away. There isn't much we can do if the driver of the other vehicle involved didn't leave their details but there are steps that we can take to prevent another car park accident from happening again.

Reduce the risk of a parked car being hit

  • Make sure you are in the white box if you are parking in a designated space off road because if you are slightly out of the box, cars trying to pass may clip or scratch your car.
  • Close the side mirror on the road side to prevent cars from smashing or clipping it.
  • If parking in a car park, try to park evenly in the box.
  • If possible park in an accessible space so others won't find it hard to get in and out - there are some terrible car parks which have awkward spaces that are too tight and these should be avoided.
  • Parking in a car park that has CCTV will prove useful if you do get hit as there will be hard evidence and the other driver will be caught eventually.

Many people try not to avoid parking in a car park due to the unreasonable cost but sometimes paying a little bit extra can save you money. Most car parks, whether a multi storey or a car lot will have surveillance cameras, so if there was a break into your vehicle or accident involving your vehicle, it would have been captured on CCTV or equivalent.

In the UK we have public parking and private parking - public parking is when you put your car some place which is owned by the local council and private parking is when it's an external company which supervises or maintains the parking space. If your car was hit in a public car park, the police will investigate the case and find the guilty party for you. If your car was hit in a private car park, then the police have no obligation to investigate and the company do not have to hand over the CCTV tape to you.

If you would like to save yourself hassle and money, then stick to public parking and should your car be involved in a hit and run while being parked, then you have a better chance of catching the person who did it. If this is not possible just remember that the police do not have a legal obligation to investigate this matter for you and you will have to resolve it privately to find out who was responsible for the car park accident.

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Opening door of parked car

When in a parking lot and you are exiting your car, if a car pulls into the space next to you and hits you, who is at fault?

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I'm not sure I really understand your question but here goes - if you have parked your car and when opening the door to get out, you hit the car next to you, then you will be at fault because you should always look before opening your door. This type of incident is hard to prove and if you need to make a claim to get your car repaired, you will need to have at least a witness, otherwise the money is going to come out of your own pockets as the other party can say it was your fault and not theirs and it would be difficult to prove who is saying the truth and the case will be closed by holding both parties responsible for the incident.

If I have misunderstood your question, then let me know.

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My car has been damaged by a van in the school car park where I work. It is the only vehicle that has been in during the day. I have been in touch with the van company. If I do not get any satisfaction from them what should I do. The damage is quite bad.

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Hi, I have recently made a claim with my car insurance company asda online exclusive as my car was hit while stationary, basically I was hit and the other driver failed to stop, now my car is a vw golf mk4 gti the insurance offered to pay me £1000. Please can somebody with more knowledge please advise me in what I should do as I'm realy annoyed with all of this. Thanks in advance

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