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There seems to be an insurance policy for all aspects of driving, so is driveaway insurance really necessary? Many people do not even think about it when they are getting a new car from a dealer and are more focused on getting the car back home than thinking about the consequences that this little overlooking car have.

When would you ever need to have driveaway insurance?
As you well know even if you are picking up a new car and driving it home, you still need to have proper insurance in place. For most people, this is a simple process and they would not think twice about having adequate insurance in place. In some cases though, drive away insurance is more convenient than a standard insurance policy. Here are some examples of when insurance for driving away is better than a yearly policy.

  • If you are buying the car for someone as a present such as a spouse or teenager
  • If you have bought a car on impulse and have had no time to get proper insurance in place before purchasing
  • If you are travelling immediately after and will not be using the car straight away

What’s even better is that drive away insurance is also a temporary car insurance cover so you don’t need to worry about cancelling or renewing. Usually drive away cover is offered for 7 days or less and is not to be used as a full driving insurance policy. There are currently good money saving offers such as 7 days free drive away insurance when you purchase an insurance policy and also two months free car insurance cover. There is also another offer at the moment where you can receive free drive away insurance for up to 7 days when you have a HPI check on the vehicle you wish to purchase. There is no catch but you do have the option of purchasing an annual insurance policy with many incentives if you wish to do so.

In order to meet the terms and conditions of drive away car insurance, you will need to buy from a registered dealer. When you see the car you would like to purchase, you will need to ask the salesperson for the car's registration number, the unique dealer code and the date you wish the insurance to start from.

The only legal way to get around paying insurance to drive a car off the forecourt is to ask someone who has fully comprehensive car insurance to drive it for you. They must be covered to drive other cars and this is only a temporary solution until you can sort out proper cover on the vehicle. This is also true if you are under 21 and cannot get short term car insurance as a result.

gices Published 02 Apr 2010


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anonymous_2 10 Jul 2012

Hi, I'm looking to buy myself a car and was wondering what the insurance implications would be for driving the car away. I'm 19, had an accident very early on so still have 1 year's no claims and have found annual quotes for the car for around £1500. Problem is I'm planning on buying it now and having it declared SORN until summer when I would start the policy properly. Is there a way of doing this legally without paying £350 for a months cover from eCar?

Thanks in Advance

gices 10 Jul 2012

I understand that you could not find any temp insurance cover for yourself because of your age and the shortest period of insurance that you can get is for 1 month with eCar. However, I think it is best if you ask your parents or any friend who is at least 21 to get a short term insurance for driving your car from the dealer. It would cost them around £10 to do that thereby making you a huge saving. You can then give Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) for your vehicle as you planned and when you're ready to drive it, get a proper annual car insurance.


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